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Why a European women’s network?

In Europe, approximately one in every ten films you’ll see at the box office will have been directed by a woman. For art-house co-productions this figure increases to one in every six films. With film school participation relatively equal between the sexes, something is hindering women’s access to the role of director and other professional creative posts and this means that women’s stories are not being told. Inequality in terms of employment is a problem which spans across all professions in the audiovisual sector – from video game programming, to lead roles in films to ageism against female TV presenters. EWA network wants to change this status quo in a constructive and strategic manner. If women’s voices can’t be heard and their stories aren’t being told society will miss out on the perspective of half of the population or as Jane Campion puts it: „the half that gave birth to the whole of the world“. 

What are EWA’s objectives?

EWA’s objectives are to:
Promote greater gender equality for audiovisual creatives in terms of access to and opportunities for employment, be they working in the areas of film, video games or online audiovisual content creation, to ensure that women’s creative voices are heard in all their linguistic and cultural diversity throughout Europe and beyond.Promote gender mainstreaming for all technical and other roles throughout the sectors of film, video games and online media.

Where possible devise initiatives and opportunities for reflection, such as pilot projects, workshops etc. to consider the issue of representations of women from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds in audiovisual content.