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There’s this thing called the Bechdel Test. It measures just how male-dominated our beloved Netflix nights really are. To pass, films need to satisfy three requirements:

#1 Film has at least two women in it
#2 Who talk to each other, about
#3 Something besides a man.

Box Office is inflation-adjusted and includes films 1995 – 2015*. Test results via More on methodology here.

We looked at films only over the past 20 years to control for progress in gender diversity. That is, in the 50s, we expect men to make a predominate number of films due to low participation of women in the workforce, overall.

Male vs. Female Decision-Makers and the Bechdel Test

When writing teams are entirely male, about 50% of films fail the Bechdel test. Add a woman to the mix and only a third of films fail. The seven films written entirely by women all pass the Bechdel test. Uncanny, right?

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