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Quelle: hollywoodreporter

Cannes: ‚Toni Erdmann‘ Director Maren Ade Wants a Subsidy Quota for Women Filmmakers (Q&A)

The German filmmaker of ‚The Forest for the Trees‘ and ‚Everyone Else‘ tells THR of her Palme d’Or contender, which she finished while having a second baby.

There are not enough women directing films. In Germany, we have this discussion now about a quota system as well, and I think we should try it, because concerning the public money, it should be equal. If someone told me in film school that it might be necessary to have a quota system, I would have thought he is crazy as there were almost half women, half men in the production as well as in the directing class. But I think it should be tried out and checked again after 10 years. And still I think the system has to be oriented on the actual amount of women handing in projects.

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